I am still working hard in college, lots of assignments to be handed up and exams to be sat. Used to eat too much junk food, felt like I was going downhill so I decided I’d start eating healthy, I’ve hated vegetables all my life until now. I actually enjoy eating them now… I’ve also decided to get into long distance cycling! 

Most Sundays I go for a long cycle, last Sunday I clocked 65km, in the space of 2 hours and 20 minutes. I’m also trying to attend Karate more regularly as I’ve been missing quite a lot of classes. I’m feeling a little bit more confident lately and I’ve also made a lot of friends in college recently which is cool.

The evenings are brighter which means I am happier. Nothing more depressing than dark evenings and endless rain. I haven’t been longboarding much due to college work and weather. I’ve gone to a couple of sessions lately but  not enough.

I am now currently at home in Wexford visiting my Mam, brother and friends. I plan to get a haircut tomorrow, then go to town with friends, thennnn go stay at my brothers new house. But right now? I’m writing this post and then I’m writing a 2000 word essay that is due for Monday. I keep putting it off but I need to get myself started and before I know it It’ll be done.

Doubt anyone will bother reading this but I don’t really care. Maybe that one anon(which is probably one of the lads I’m living with taking the piss) will.

Anonymous said: I'm curious to what's been going on in your life lately. Id like if you did an update on how you have been and what you've been doing. :)



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F550 : Luca (by Factory Five)

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